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Products - Digital Control Computerized Multi-needle Quilting Machine



Digital Control Computerized Multi-needle Quilting Machine

五分时时彩真假Wild application in the production of textile, dyeing, shoe making, clothes, indoor decoration, bedclothes, car decoration, etc.


  • Adopting digital control program
  • Saddles and rollers driven by Panasonic or YASKAMA servo devices
  • The revolution of the spindle controlled by Panasonic or MITSUBISHI frequency conversion control devices.
  • Large number of built-in quilting patterns for your choice.
  • Easy and quick editing of patterns.
  • 360°Freedom of quilting 360¡ã all round patterns
  • Function to quilt independent patterns.
  • With 0-850/m needle rate, stitches between 2mm-6mm adjustable.
  • Function of pattern compensation
  • Automatic needle raising and location brake system.
  • Function of automatic stop on breaking of thread(optional)
  • Infrared sensors to guarantee the safety of the operator
  • Adding up automatically the output.
  • Auto-returning with memory of location and pattern in case of power failure
  • Renew all the parameters with one button.
  • Large quantity of selectable patterns ready for use.
  • Allocated professional cloth rolling machine.
Unique features of Jiebo Quilting Machine
  • More steadily advanced Windows Xp operation system
  • Imported PCI controlling system offers the guarantee of the alteration and superiority of the products, keeping the computer in fashion.
  • Stainless steel guarantee the high quality
  • Users can change the pattern at any time without stopping the machine.

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